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2. Examination Material Archive
2.1 This Examination Material Archive contains examination papers, marking schemes
and Chief Examiners' Reports for the Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Applied
and Junior Certificate examinations. The information in this archive shall collectively
be known as examination material. The examination material is provided by the State Examinations
Commission and is intended for use in the course of instruction only, whether at school or elsewhere,
by a teacher or pupil.
2.2 Users may retrieve examination material solely for their own personal, non-commercial use, as
specified at 2.2 above, and may download the material to their own hard disc or send it to a printer
solely for that purpose. They may not otherwise copy, modify, or distribute the examination material,
or publish, broadcast, transmit, or otherwise distribute any portion of this material without the express
written authorisation of the State Examinations Commission. Any unauthorised use is strictly prohibited.
The State Examinations Commission permits no unauthorised modifications, adaptations or translations of
the examination material.
2.3 Users may freely establish hyperlinks from their own WWW site(s) to this site